Why Hire a Real Estate Accountant – LNK Tax Group

Why Hire a Real Estate Accountant – LNK Tax Group

Why Hire a Real Estate Accountant

Finding the right real estate accountant is something a lot of real estate investors (both new and established) have a difficult time with. An accountant is an undeniably important member of your team that can play a massive role in your ability to find and leverage as many tax benefits as possible (of which there are MANY for real estate investors), follow the legalities of our ever-changing tax code, monitor your ongoing business transactions and staying organized, using a financial record-keeping system that makes sense for the business.

This person is a vital component of your business. If you’re trying to wear this hat by yourself, I can almost guarantee you’re either leaving money on the table OR working a lot harder than you need to. Similar to a property management company, a great real estate accountant can be worth their weight in gold. These people can save you MUCH more than they’ll cost and in the long run, they will easily justify the expenses they incur for your business. When you’ve got the right accountant, you’ll be more than happy to pay them every year (because they’ll be delivering more value than they cost).

At LNK Tax Group, we have many years of experience with real estate investors, realtors, appraisers, and landlords.  Book a free 20 minute consultation with LNK Tax Group so we can help you with your real estate needs.

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