Maximizing Tax Deductions

Maximizing Tax Deductions

Paying income taxes is the obligation of all Americans. While we are all happy to pay our fair share, no one wants to pay too much income tax. That is where maximizing tax deductions come into play.

U.S. Congress has written the tax code; all 4+ million words of it; to allow individuals and businesses to claim certain tax deductions to lower their tax burden. Many of these tax deductions are designed to help lower-income households, working parents, homeowners, and people paying for college but there are some strategies for high net worth individuals and small businesses.

There are dozens of tax deductions available; the trick is figuring out whether you qualify for them. The first step to maximizing tax deductions is to understand them. A tax deduction is a qualified expense that lowers your taxable income, thereby reducing the tax you owe.

Some of the popular tax deductions are:

  • Itemized Deductions
  • Accountable Plan
  • Depreciation
  • Home Office Expense
  • Travel Expense
  • Meal Expense
  • Fringe Benefits
  • Hiring Children

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